I know that you will walk with me
Along the path I tread
So rest my angel, be at peace
And let your soul fly free..

Sleep well, Peepu. We love you always ❤️

FI & EE Ch Leaftribe Sunbeam Tiger ❤️
12.3.2008 - 15.10.2020


Spread your wings and fly my angel..
We will always miss and love you ❤️

Houm Tet-a-Tet History First "Teri" ❤️
3.5.2010 - 3.7.2020


Too soon after Enya passed, we had to say goodbye to Laku and Dustin.

"One day the wind will take away the clouds,
and the sun rises.
One day the grief will be lighter to bear. "

Goodbye my boys, we will always love you..  ❤️

Crinoid's Lorenzo Lagarto
30.1.2017 - 18.6.2020

Ch Hartwell's Major Attitude
4.1.2009 - 22.6.2020

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